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Unlimited Email Server system + Email server service support,it is the Unlimited Smtp Server in a word.In current email marketing market,most of users have the bulk email software,but there is a big problem,they are always restricted by the smtp server,most of people can only send few emails everyday,the hosting provider restricts everything that you can not enjoy your email marketing.For this,then the Unlimited Smtp Server is the cost effective way to go. Our VPS(Virtual Private Server),there have multiple independent ips,processor,memory,and 1GB internet connection speed,then you don’t worry about your ips and domain or ISP will be blocked or blacklisted;

Unlimited Email System,which is for creating unlimited email accounts and providing smtp server.With them,you can send unlimited emails with your bulk email software,those are the perfect partner for your email marketing;

Main Features:

  1. Independent Multiple Ips,No Blocked,No Blacklisted records anymore!
  2. 1GB Internet Connection,let you send emails through the vps fast;
  3. Provide Unlimited Smtp Server.You don’t need worry about you can only send limited emails with per account;
  4. Provide Unlimited Email Account.You can create any email account freely,and it is unlimited;
  5. Multiple domains build up on the Unlimited Email System,send emails with different domain’s user etc;
  6. With your email blast software,you can send unlimited emails with our SMTP Server.

Virtual Private Server and Unlimited Smtp Server

Email Server Service Support

Email Server service support is a marketing term used by Internet hosting services to refer to a virtual machine for use exclusively by an individual customer of the service. The term is used to emphasize that the virtual machine, although running in software on the same physical computer as other customers’ virtual machines, is functionally equivalent to a separate physical computer, is dedicated to the individual customer’s needs, has the privacy of a separate physical computer, and can be configured to run as a server computer (i.e. to run server software). The term Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS is used less often for the same concept.

Each virtual server can run its own full-fledged operating system and can be independently rebooted.With the VPS,It is nothing to do with your ISP,it just like you have an internet computer,and you can use it anytime,anywhere…

  1. Each Server has its own Linux/Windows Installation;
  2. CPU/Memory allocation per VPS;
  3. Separate Virtual File Systems;
  4. VPS are secure and independant of each other;
  5. Independant Control Panel;
  6. Instant Account Setup;
  7. Multiple domains;
  8. Root Access/Administrator Login;
  9. Ability to Install Software ;
  10. Unlimited E-Mail and ftp Accounts ;
  11. Webmail system;
  12. Blazing-Fast Network Connectivity ;

Unlimited Email Server

Unlimited Mail Server system is an easy to use Mail Server (SMTP/POP3) with mail forwarding, unlimited domains and email addresses, and a catch-all for each domain.

For mass email marketing,we usually use it to create email account,and forward domains to Smtp server.Most of user think it can used to send emails,actually not,it is just email system,and you can also login to the web based to manage your accounts.

All of Service For Unlimited Email Server:

  1. Install Software by TeamViewer which is a remote software
  2. Email Server Config: add email domains,add accounts,relay setting,etc.
  3. Config DNS,A,MX Recorders for email domains
  4. Config network: smtp,pop3,fireware,router,etc.
  5. Dynamic DNS register,configuration,etc.
  6. Testing:send email,recieve emails,etc.
  7. Liftetime online support

Key features of Unlimited Mail Server:

  1. Supports Multiple Domains
  2. Mail Forwarding and Relaying
  3. SMTP Authentication
  4. Catch-All Forwarding
  5. Ability to monitor and kill connections
  6. Logging with easy copy to clipboard feature
  7. Auto-Logon and Run on Windows startup
  8. Sits in the system tray when minimized
  9. Blacklist (Ban List)
  10. Integrated DynDNS (www.dyndns.org) IP update client
  11. Integrated No-IP (www.no-ip.com) IP update client

Prices and Order

With this solution – Unlimited Smtp Server,you don’t need do anything,we will install and config all of them for you in 1 hour,and you can send your emails then.

The prices of Unlimited Smtp Server,it is paid monthly,quarterly and annually,and there are different prices.

Please view our Mass email solution page!

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